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David is dedicated to working with employed adults who often drift through life unsatisfied, showing up to jobs that they don't like, suffocating in unhappiness, and wondering if success was meant for them.

Stop Drifting

Beyond Think and Grow Rich Institute is a licensee of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Our major purpose is to share the Napoleon Hill Science of Success philosophy with the world

Stop Drifting

IBG is a premier F&I Performance Coaching and Product Company that has partnered with Portfolio, the industry's premier dealer owned F&I product company, to bring automobile dealers a turnkey solution to their F&I department.


Our Purpose

Technology & Talent Development

eLeaderTech® is an automotive dealership training and technology firm.

Our major purpose is to design and implement easy-to-use, no-nonsense training and technology solutions that enable leaders to develop dealership talent, build customer relationships, reduce team turnover, and increase dealership profit, all at a price every dealer can afford, no matter their size or profit level.


Years of Experience


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Proven Stability


Our Mission

It is our mission to establish eLeaderTech® as an icon for dealership performance improvement. We intend to accomplish this goal by delivering a suite of training and technology solutions that put people at the center of the process supported by technology, providing a culture of self-management, helping people gain the discipline to get things done, and delivering a level of service that cannot be matched by our competition.

Members of the eLeaderTech® team GIVE - GIVE - GIVE before they GET - GET - GET!

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